What language are your eyes speaking?

If we are not our children’s biggest cheerleader, who will be? If we do not make a point to affirm them, who will?

I have found over the years that I must be very careful to watch the tone of my voice, as well as what my eyes are saying, when I speak to my children. One day when I had just finished disciplining my 4 year old, and was hugging her and explaining that I loved her, she said, “Mommy, your eyes are still mad at me.”
How right she was!!!
I WAS still very upset. I had learned not to discipline in anger, but I hadn’t realized that my eyes spoke volumes. What did my children see when they looked into my eyes?

I am learning to look at my children through eyes of faith. To look at them as the Christian young person that God created them to be. It raises the bar. It helps them to see that I have confidence in their abilities and respect for them.

(I started thinking how much it would mean to me, if people looked at ME with eyes that shone with admiration, love, and respect!)
Is it easy??? HA!!  What part of mothering is easy?  But, with God’s help, I am learning to do it.  And, it’s SO rewarding to see the child straighten up and act like a person who is respected and loved!

You know, someone should give out Academy Awards for this……..Whad’ya say?  🙂

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What happens when a Jewish girl from Philadelphia falls in love with and marries a Christian hog farmer from a small rural town 85 miles from her home? Well, in my case, I became a Christian, but struggled to be the loving wife and joyful mother to my 4 young sons. This blog was born in order to share one tip a day that I learned, that could now help other moms learn to handle life with patience, grace and joy!

2 thoughts on “What language are your eyes speaking?

  1. We can speak those difficult words, but our still hard, cold, angry eyes will betray us every time. Ouch.

    Out of the mouth of babes. . .

    You make a great point that our love comes from the heart and we must allow it to soften our entire being, from the warmth in our eyes to the loving embrace of our arms.

    1. I love how you worded that…..from our eyes to the loving embrace of our arms!!!! That says it all! Thanks for taking the time to share it! Bonni

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