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A Good Devotional for Children!

I’ve had several moms ask what devotionals I use with my children. I’ve used MANY over the years. Currently, I am using Proverbs People by Rick and  Marilyn Boyer. It uses the book of Proverbs to teach character qualities.  The book helps the child evaluate HIS own character.  I enjoy the questions that the children are asked in each section, and the stories about ‘real life’ children living today, and people in the Bible who successfully walked in godly character, or struggled with it.

The book also comes with flash cards to help the child understand and memorize the verses.

I would say that the book is most appropriate for children age 6-8 ish and up!

Although the print is large, and some of the questions are meant for younger children,  I find it to be applicable and beneficial for my  3 teens!


The ISBN number is 0-970877080

What devotionals do you use for your children?

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  1. Jennifer

    This book looks good! Thanks for sharing!

    • Bonni

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! When I find a good book, I like to share it. I haven’t liked one or two of the devotionals that I’ve purchased over the years, and that is frustrating! This set of books and flashcards are easy to use and have been very effective!

  2. Anne @Authentic Simplicity

    That sounds like a great book! My parents used to have us read through Proverbs a chapter a day every month, and I have to say a lot of those verses run through my head even now. I just recently wrote a whole list of Bible training resources I’ve used and enjoyed with my preschoolers (http://authenticsimplicity.net/2012/11/my-simple-preschool-bible/).

    • Bonni

      Thanks for taking the time to comment! I’m looking forward to reading your post!