Rhinestone Jesus- #Sayyesinmymess

RhinestoneJesusIMG_2314At a recent retreat, where I was honored to be a speaker, I was asked 2 questions that I am asked more and more frequently.

“How do you raise children who understand that the world does not revolve around them? How do you teach them to serve?”

My answer has been, and continues to be, the same. The only normal that our children know is what they see in their home as they are growing up. Children learn by doing. By living it. Does the family emphasize relationships and evangelism? Do they look at ‘serving’ as an integral part of everyday life?

If not, upon what does the family focus?

Is it their stuff? Is it their next vacation? Is it their employment?

A GREAT book that deals with this question, not only for our children, but for US, is Kristen Welch‘s, (from We Are That Family),  new book Rhinestone Jesus, which will be released May 1.

I am part of the launch team for the book, and have just finished reading my copy.  It is the story of a young wife and mom of 3 whose life changed after a trip to Kenya with Compassion International. She witnessed some horrific things that she could not forget. She saw people who needed God with skin. God was asking her to say a big YES, to HIM. In the midst of her daily life, God was asking the seemingly impossible, which could only be possible with HIM.

The book would be an excellent gift for Mother’s Day, but would be equally meaningful to all women.

I am so thankful that my parents lived out their Jewish faith. We lived in a modest home and spent much of our time and focus on those in need. My brother and I didn’t realize that not every family spends weekends helping the elderly, and that not every family worked at their local firehouse’s yearly bazaar, or that not every mother and daughter sewed and worked on crafts together to sell to raise money for the mentally challenged.

It wasn’t until I was 22 and had moved out of the family home to a different part of our state, did I realize that the people that I was meeting were not involved in volunteering opportunities. I was shocked. I immediately volunteered at a local nursing home and with the Office of Aging for the county in which I was living.

Marriage and children only increased the joy of serving. It became a time of family togetherness.

Am I listening to God? Would HE like me to do something new? Am I open to His leading?  Am I willing to go outside of my comfort zone? Are my children listening to God?

I am agreeing with Kristen. I am saying yes in my mess. I will listen to God, and I HOPE and PRAY that my ‘yes’ takes on hands and feet and a voice to make the difference for HIM.

The book is a life changer. You can buy it here.

I am an Amazon affiliate, and will receive a small compensation if you decide to purchase the book from this blog. THanks 🙂

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