Spanking and More…….


I was blessed this week to share with a mom’s group about Raising Godly Children Through Discipline. The group, from New Danville Mennonite Church, asked me to post a little more about using the rod as a form of discipline.

I had three goals in raising my children. I wanted them to be responsive, responsible, and respectful. I broke things down into categories under each of those headings. I  had goals for each of the children for every year from their toddler years through grade school.

I used various forms of discipline.  (Notice, I mean discipline, NOT punishment) Each child and situation called for wisdom to know just what to do. I DO believe in using the rod. Interestingly enough, 2 of my 8 children didn’t receive the rod….ever. It would not have been effective with them.

However, when I did use the rod, I created a system. Here are the steps in my system:

-The child MUST understand why they are being disciplined

– The discipline needs to be administered as soon as possible, as long as mom is not angry AT ALL. If mom is angry, NO DISCIPLINE SHOULD BE ADMINISTERED until mom is cool and calm.

– It should be administered in complete privacy.

-Mom must show love, grace and self control!

– Child should understand to ask for forgiveness.

– Role play.  How should the child have behaved in the situation for which they are now being disciplined?  Keep role playing  until there is no doubt that they understand.

I would love to read your thoughts about disciplining children!

On a different note…………

I just  listened to two moms who are part of a free mom’s conference this week. Both of the speakers were wonderful. I especially enjoyed the teaching of She was talking about Defining Your Time.  Her ideas were inspirational and easy to integrate into a daily routine. Lists and priorities were emphasized, but within certain limits. One issue that I’ve been struggling with was addressed!!! She talked about mistakes we often make when we don’t separate Home Management from Mothering.  I had never thought about that differenceUntil we understand the difference, we can become frustrated when we don’t achieve our daily goals. She also discussed Mind Mapping, which I just started using several months ago to organize big projects like holiday preparations, birthday parties, etc.

Ladies, this conference is FREE. No strings attached! It has been so good!!!

All you have to do is register, and it’s free to register here.


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