Surprised by Motherhood………

IMG_1627Lisa-Jo Baker from in(courage), wrote a book that makes its debut today. I love the title,  Surprised by Motherhood: Everything I Never Expected About Being A Mom.  I haven’t read the book yet, but I plan to, as soon as it’s delivered!


Was I surprised by Motherhood?       Yes.         How?

Here are some ways-

– I felt instant love for my firstborn the second he was born. How could I love so fiercely so quickly??

-My love was MULTIPLIED  for the second born. I wasn’t sure if I had enough love for a second baby because I loved the firstborn so much. But I didn’t have to divide my love. It just multiplied….and continued to multiply after each additional baby’s birth!

-I remember crying often, after our firstborn, a son, was born,  because I had a better revelation of the price that God paid for my sins, by sending His only Son to die for me.

– I remember how frustrated  and sad I felt when my newborn was fussy and  crying for no apparent reason, and I couldn’t seem to make him feel better.

-I remember how distraught I felt when I looked around my house and saw numerous things that needed to be done, and I had NO energy to tackle them.

-I remember how tired I was when my first born ‘needed’ to be nursed every hour and a half through the night for 9 months.

-I remember how I assumed that I must NOT be a very good parent because I was frustrated and distraught and tired almost every day, and other moms looked so ‘put-together’ and happy.

When I learned that the feelings that I was experiencing were very normal, I changed my attitude.

One of the biggest surprises for me, was my need for community. I NEEDED other women in my life, more than ever. I needed their advice, wisdom, love and affirmation. I joined a mom’s group that met weekly at a local church, and many of my prayers and needs were answered!

I would LOVE to read what surprised you about Motherhood!

Bonni is the author of Mom By Example

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What happens when a Jewish girl from Philadelphia falls in love with and marries a Christian hog farmer from a small rural town 85 miles from her home? Well, in my case, I became a Christian, but struggled to be the loving wife and joyful mother to my 4 young sons. This blog was born in order to share one tip a day that I learned, that could now help other moms learn to handle life with patience, grace and joy!