Worrying is NOT OK.

I received a private message from a sweet young mom of 4 children under 5 years old. She was concerned that she wasn’t teaching them, or doing enough to help them develop godly character traits. She was referring to my post about dressing your child according to the Bible. You can read the post here.

I gave her several suggestions of resources to use, and, hopefully, some ideas that she could use without adding stress or ‘more things to do’ in her already very full schedule!!

A word missing from her message, was ‘worry.’

I admire her for that. That word would have been included in  an email that I would have written as a mom of young children. I struggled with worry.

One day I decided to study every verse in the Bible that included the word ‘worry.’  I was amazed at  how many times the Bible mentions ‘do not worry.’ It’s actually more times than it mentions ‘do not murder.’

After several months of research, I concluded that worrying is another word for unbelief.  Period.

If I believed God’s word, I wouldn’t worry. When the thoughts of worry come, which they will, I need to take them captive, as it says in Philippians 4:8.

I need to ask myself on a regular basis, “Is God in control, or not?”

If I believe that He is, I have no need to worry. If I don’t believe that God is in control, I  need to spend more time learning about my Savior, in order to build a more solid relationship!

Once I understood that worrying is not OK, I taught my children what I had learned. They learned more quickly than I did, how to control their thoughts.IMG_0130

Here is a podcast from Dr. Tim Keller, the senior pastor from the Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City.  It helped me make sense of some of my questions. The podcast is entitled, ‘Does God Control Everything?’

If I’m not going to worry………… then….. How do I know God’s perfect will? Can I know God’s perfect will? Can I mess up His will for my life?  Can I protect my children from bad things that happen in life?   Should I protect them from failing, or experiencing hard times?

I’d love to read your thoughts!

Photo of the sunrise from our back porch on Easter morning 🙂

Bonni is the author of Mom By Example

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What happens when a Jewish girl from Philadelphia falls in love with and marries a Christian hog farmer from a small rural town 85 miles from her home? Well, in my case, I became a Christian, but struggled to be the loving wife and joyful mother to my 4 young sons. This blog was born in order to share one tip a day that I learned, that could now help other moms learn to handle life with patience, grace and joy!

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  1. I’ve been learning this lesson….focusing and trusting on God when people and situations are hurting me. My blog was born from it as a way to share my life as I Press In to God. I’ve been learning and it has been my giant, to get my focus off people and situations and back on God. Where it should have been all along. It’s been a hard road for me. I’ve not arrived, however, I wouldn’t change the trial God is having me walk thru because I see the difference in myself. I trust God more. I spend more time with Him. He enjoys our time together to!! Thank you for sharing this post.

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