Are your children yoked?

I grew up in a home where it was considered normal, and probably even healthy, to worry.

From studying the words ‘worry’ and ‘fear’ in the Bible, I no longer think it is normal OR healthy to worry or fear. I think that those two words are synonymous with unbelief.

Taking control of our thoughts is a good way to control our tendency to worry and fear.

I found that my children needed to understand this also. They grew up understanding, at least in part, the power of right and wrong thinking.

But, I also found over the years, that is easy to think that  we should shoulder our own burdens. That by shouldering our own burdens, we were somehow more spiritual.   But, I can’t find proof of that in the Bible. In fact, I found the opposite. Jesus wants to carry our burdens. He wants us to be yoked to Him, because His burden is light.

Over the years, I came up with an idea that helped me trade my burdens and sorrows, for the peace and guidance that God wants to give me.

I drew an imaginary line across the floor in front of me, and when I stepped across it, I was symbolically depositing my burden(s) at the throne of Jesus. Those burdens weren’t mine anymore. I was NOT going to take them back or worry about them anymore.

Instead of trying to shoulder the burden, I thanked God for his provision, guidance, and love.

Thankfulness and trust in God’s ability to handle the problems in my life, brought me peace and even joy.

I taught my young children the same technique. Two of my eight seemed more prone to worry and carry their burdens than their siblings, but all 10 of us have had success with this system.

I’d love to read how you handle the weight of fear and burdens!

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Bonni is the author of Mom By Example

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What happens when a Jewish girl from Philadelphia falls in love with and marries a Christian hog farmer from a small rural town 85 miles from her home? Well, in my case, I became a Christian, but struggled to be the loving wife and joyful mother to my 4 young sons. This blog was born in order to share one tip a day that I learned, that could now help other moms learn to handle life with patience, grace and joy!