7 Toddler Toys for Hours of Fun {Practical and Educational Toys for Toddlers}

7 toddler toys for hours of fun

I have been asked recently what practical and educational toys I would recommend purchasing for toddlers.  Here are my 7 favorite:

Madame Alexander Baby Huggums – Although this baby doll is a little pricey, she feels real, looks real and LASTS for years and years!!!! My daughters, now 20, 22, and 24 years old, still have their Madame Alexander dolls. I also had a baby doll size high chair and stroller that my three girls shared to play with their dolls.

Little Tikes Cook n Store Kitchen  – I LOVED this kitchen play set. All 8 of our children, boys and girls played with it every day. The storage is wonderful and enough for all of the plastic food necessary to enjoy this set, so everything is in one place.

Candy Land Board Game – No, I don’t like playing games with my children, and yes, I did have to play with them, but if you take out the ‘bad’ picture cards, the game can proceed quickly and the children LOVE it. It’s good one on one time with your child.

Chutes and Ladders Board Game  – See explanation above, except removing the bad cards, just do what I do, and have both chutes and ladders move players up! No sliding down for my children.

Duplos First Cars and Trucks  – Both my daughters and sons loved building with Duplos. This was the favorite set for my toddler sons. They also loved the farm set. They literally could spend 30-60 minutes playing with this set.

Duplos Creative Play All in One Pink Box of Fun – My daughters loved playing with Duplo people and animals and building cute houses. This set has it all.

John Deere Sandbox Tractor – We used these toys IN the house and not in our sandbox. The boys made roads and bridges for them in our living room, and played with them every day. They are well built and able to handle tough and tumble toddler boys.

I’d love to read about your favorite toddler toys!

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toddler toys for hours of fun

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