15 Valentines Day Gift Ideas For Your Family and How I Celebrate Valentine’s Day

valentines day gift ideas

Things are going to start looking pink in my home today.

Not for cancer awareness, although I wholeheartedly support that.

Pink for Valentines Day.

I make a BIG DEAL about it.

I mean, it’s all about LOVE. How great is that?

And the story behind it is quite inspirational.

I decorate my home in mid-January with some heart throw pillows, pink candles, heart themed towels, and fresh pink flowers on the kitchen table and the bathroom sink.

It’s the only holiday that I can lavish hearts and ooey-gooey attention on my five sons without hearing, “Oh Mom!”

One of the biggest joys of the holiday for me is writing each of my eight children (and now five spouses and four grandchildren), a short, personal note affirming them and encouraging them in their walk with the Lord, and sending it inside a Valentine.

On February 14th , I make a special dinner (no pink food), which we eat in a room filled with candlelight.

I also purchase a gift for each member of the family.

Yes, I am a SUPER fan of the day.

Here are some suggestions if you are thinking of gift giving this Valentines Day!

  1. Comfy, soft flannel shirt for men.
  2. Hoodies for teens.
  3. Thermos – The BEST thermos I’ve ever used. Hot drinks really DO stay hot for 8-10 hours.*
  4. Five Crowns Card Game. A fun and easy card game that takes strategy but is appropriate for children age 8 and up.  *
  5. Gas cards.
  6. Five dollar gift cards to a favorite café or coffee shop.
  7. Duplo or Lego sets.
  8. Craft supplies.
  9. Little Hands craft kits by ALEX.  *
  10. The Jesus Storybook Bible   *
  11. Timely Truths for Toddlers to Tweens by Bonni Greiner A devotional for even the youngest children that focuses on the character and love of God.  *
  12. There’s an Easier Way by Bonni Greiner and Kathy McClure A book filled with practical tips for busy moms in the trenches of motherhood.  *
  13. Maximize Motherhood by Deb Ober. A 30 day devotional that offers practical encouragement for moms of all ages. *
  14. Life: Beautiful – Faith for Your Journey. A magazine for women that is published quarterly. The winter edition, available through March 2017 is very good.
  15. High Five. A fun magazine specifically created for preschoolers from the same publisher as Highlights.

What are some of your favorite Valentine’s Day traditions?

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valentines day

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  1. THree years ago wanting to make my husband and I’s non-date valentine night special I decided to do candlelight with the kids and us. I decorated the table with a cut apart brown paper bag laid flat and scribbled some hearts and a LOVE scripture. I them tossed Hershey’s kisses leftover from Christmas into the “table runner”. It’s turned into a simple traditional we love. This years “table runner” was made with parchment paper that you use in the kitchen! Lol
    I love the hand written note idea affirming them and will add that next time!- or maybe sooner!
    Thank you for sharing!!

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