My Twenty Meal Plan And How It Worked For Me For 20 Years!

am not sure why it surprised me day after day to realize that I had to make supper for my family. Who did I think was going to make it, or why did I think that this day would be different than any other day?

I did not enjoy cooking in the first place, and I was getting tired of my daily 4:00pm panic. I made a change. I first tried freezer cooking. Then, I made 30 meals in 1 day. When that did not work, I made supper before I made breakfast. Finally, I tried making two meals a day (one to eat and one to freeze). But none of those great ideas worked for me!

After several other attempts to stay on top of meal planning, I came up with a system that worked so well, that I used it for more than ten years! Every month we ate the same 20 suppers.

Here is a list of the 20 simple meals that I make every month:

  1. Vegetable beef soup and store bought rolls.
  2. Chicken vegetable soup and store bought rolls.
  3. Pea soup and store bought bread (my homemade rolls and bread get dry and very hard 😬)
  4. Spaghetti pie with a hot vegetable.
  5. Vegetable lasagna and applesauce.
  6. White chicken chili and salad.
  7. Burritos.
  8. Taco salad and potato bar.
  9. Quiche and salad.
  10. Beef roast with vegetables.
  11. Whole roasted chicken, mashed potatoes, hot vegetable.
  12. Stir fry something with left over vegetables from the week.
  13. Pork chops, sauerkraut, mashed potatoes.
  14. Shepherds pie and some kind of fruit.
  15. Breakfast for supper.
  16. Reuben sandwiches and salad.
  17. Baked chicken thighs, french fries, salad.
  18. Cheeseburgers with sweet potato fries and a hot vegetable.
  19. Macaroni and cheese, cold slices of grilled chicken on a tossed salad.
  20. Tater tot casserole.

Yes, we eat a lot of salads. We grow much of our own lettuce and our kids love it! We don’t have desserts. And yes, we have hot soups even in hot weather. Not every meal contains meat. I use other forms of protein.

What are YOUR favorite Go-To meals? I would love to hear about them!


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  1. My cooking skills are struggling at best. Could you throw some recipes along with this list?

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