Helping You BUILD A STRONG FOUNDATION of Godly Character Traits in Your Children

Do you desire to instill Godly character traits in your sons and daughters?

I wrote the Godly Character Traits Guide featuring 15 godly character traits and providing you with the tools you need to train your children. It also includes bonus . . . 

  • printables 
  • a family rules chart 
  • family non-negotiables 
  • coloring pages 
  • and access to a bonus Facebook community (see more below)!

We want to Help You Succeed

As a special incentive—we’re forming a private Facebook group to which all book buyers will be invited to join.

As part of this PRIVATE group, you will get access to:

  • LIVE videos from Bonni as she journeys through eight of the fifteen character traits with you, personally training you on how to use the guide and be successful at instilling these godly character traits in your children.
  • Advice and feedback directly from Bonni as she answers your questions and any struggles you are having with introducing a new character trait each week.
  • Bonni’s tips and secrets that she will not be sharing anywhere else.
  • Weekly videos from Bonni as she shares how these character traits changed her life and the lives of her children.
  • A community of moms supporting each other and sharing ideas on how they are memorizing verses and implementing object lessons in their homes.
  • And other fun SURPRISES!

The Facebook group will run from the middle of June to the middle of August 2017, as we dive into eight character traits together.

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What does the guide include?

Tools to equip you as you strive to instill godly character traits and God’s Word in your children!

The Godly Character Traits Guide includes tools to equip you as you instill 15 godly character traits in your children. For each trait it defines the term and the opposite, offers tips on living it out and role-playing the trait, and suggests verses to read and memorize with your children.It also includes bonus printables for your home and coloring pages to keep your children busy as you introduce each trait.

How do I use it?

Over several years, my eight children had memorized quite a few scriptures dealing with godly character. They also had a solid understanding of fifteen very important godly character traits, and your children will too!

On Mondays, gather around the kitchen table for 15-20 minutes, and define the godly character trait that you will be studying that week. Also define the opposite meaning of the word. Read several verses that pertain to the trait. Each child, depending on their age, will start to memorize at least a phrase or one of the verses. Give examples of how the particular trait will cause us to act and react.

Throughout the week, practice walking in the trait, and affirm each other as you progress. Take time each day to work on memorizing the verses for that week .

On Friday, gather again at the kitchen table and review the verses and what you learned that week. If you make enough progress (the parent should determine that), go to a new character trait the following Monday. If not, review the trait for another week.

Repeat the process for about 15 to 20 weeks. Then, take a break for about a month and start all over again with the same traits and verses, but different object lessons and examples.

Bonni is the author of Mom By Example

About Bonni

What happens when a Jewish girl from Philadelphia falls in love with and marries a Christian hog farmer from a small rural town 85 miles from her home? Well, in my case, I became a Christian, but struggled to be the loving wife and joyful mother to my 4 young sons. This blog was born in order to share one tip a day that I learned, that could now help other moms learn to handle life with patience, grace and joy!