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There's An Easier Way 21 Ways to Lovingly Raise Your Children Without Regrets Bonni Greiner and Kathy McClure

There’s An Easier Way: 21 Ways to Lovingly Raise Your Children Without Regrets

As a mom of eight children, Bonni has learned from experience what not to do as a mom and a wife. Over time, she has found an easier way. Follow along as she shares countless mothering tips and secrets with you, to help you find an easier way in . . . • Potty training • teachable moments • discipline • finding humor • Whining • a better marriage • trusting god • and more . .

Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood by Bonni Greiner

Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood

Are you mystified by mothers who seem to remain calm and even joyful while immersed in chaos? There are many books written on mothering, but Recapturing the Joy of Motherhood is for the mother who is frustrated, overwhelmed, and feeling inadequate. The author, Bonni Greiner, a mom of 8, did not enjoy the first 5 years of mothering and decided to run away to escape her chaotic life. During this brief escape, the author experienced an unusual “chance” meeting that forever changed her life. Since that day over 20 years ago, the author has been an inspirational speaker to hundreds of Mothers of Preschoolers groups.

This book provides solutions for moms that are not enjoying motherhood. Chapters include information on discovering our purpose as moms, learning to deal with attitudes and emotions, finding free time, organization and de-cluttering our homes and lives, goal setting, biblical instruction, menu planning, housekeeping tips, and home management. The resource contains biblical based suggestions and information for moms who know that raising children is a high calling but haven’t figured out how to enjoy the hard work and challenges while awaiting the rewards.

Timely Truths for Toddlers to Tweens by Bonni Greiner

Timely Truths for Toddlers to Tweens

As a busy mom of 4 boys age 5 and under, I desperately wanted to obey the Bible mandate to “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” I could not, however, find a devotional to purchase that met my needs. Some devotionals had lessons that required prep time that I didn’t have. Others used supplies that I didn’t have on hand. If they were simple and easy to use, they weren’t applicable for both my toddlers and my 5 year old. Frustrated, I decided to make my own devotional that worked with my limitations and that was age appropriate for my toddlers and 5 year old.

I built the devotional around 52 foundational truths that are powerful and easy to discuss. In the years that followed, God blessed us with 4 more children. When the oldest children entered their teenage years, I continued to use my devotional with the same positive results.

Timely Truths for Toddlers to Tweens contains 52 lessons that are built from biblical truths. The lessons explain attributes of God and provide foundational truths of our Christian faith. Each lesson starts with a question that will stimulate your child to think followed by a Bible reference and verses from the New International Version of the Bible. Next, the question is answered and a foundational truth is examined. There are object lessons and/or discussion questions for 50 of the 52 lessons.

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