Speaking Topics

Seasons of a Woman’s Life – we will explore God’s faithfulness and direction for each season of our lives, using examples from the Bible.

Out of the Comfort Zone and into the End Zone – we will explore what the Bible says about leaving our comfort zone in order to help change someone elses eternity.

Being a Woman of Prayer – we will explore verses from the Old and New Testament to explore 6 keys to handling life with prayer.

Focusing on the Unseen Goal – we will discuss what goals should be met during any given day. What is really important? Are cooking and cleaning really important?

 The Joy of Being a Servant – learn more about the lowest paying, hardest job that you’ll ever love.

No-Fail Flower Arranging – we will learn to make a fresh or silk flower centerpiece that looks beautiful and costs under $5.00.

 – Time Management – are you managing time, or is it managing you? At the end of the day are you satisfied with what you’ve accomplished physically, spiritually, and emotionally? We will discuss easy ways to prioritize our days.

 – Organize, Declutter, and Be Happy – a humorous talk aimed at simplifying your home, possessions, and life in order to increase your joy and free time.

Housewife Faith – how to turn everyday tasks into faith building adventures with God.

Developing Godly Character in Children through Discipline – we will explore how to raise responsible, respectful, and responsive children in today’s world using examples from the Bible and everyday life situations.

Developing a Gentle Spirit – we will explore 6 biblical principles to attain a gentle and quiet spirit as described in Provers and Titus.

Saran Wrap Faith – we will discuss 3 Christian lifestyles: Miss Cling, Miss Fling, and Miss King. Is your faith working in your life?

Unpack your Bags – God has a plan for each of our days. We will discuss how to discern God’s best for each season of our life.

Prayer – we will use verses from Old and New Testaments of the Bible to explore 6 keys to handling life with prayer.

Changing the World from your Kitchen Sink – we will explore our lives as Christian women in the 21st century according to the book of Ephesians.

Seven Life Changing Verses – Seven basic verses from the New Testament that provide a way to stay on the narrow road

Learning to find joy in the midst of Life’s Disappointments– We read in the Bible that offenses will come and we will have trouble in this life.  How does God want us to deal with life’s disappointments?

The Beattitudes for Women – How does Matthew chapter 5 relate to women today?

Prioritizing and Organizing Your Life – Tips for prioritizing what is planned for the day, so that what really matters is accomplished.


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